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Infrared Thermal Imaging (Thermography)


Infrared Thermography Certified

Home Inspections may include the use of "Infrared Thermal Imaging". 

Infrared Thermal Imaging is non-invasive and is used to identify surface temperature anomalies. Infrared cameras function by "reading" the infrared part of the light spectrum. Infrared is not visible to the human eye. An infrared instrument is "seeing" the varying degrees of infrared light "absorbtion and reflection" off of the subject surface. For example, issues such as: Moisture intrusion from leaks or condensation are looked for. "Hot spots" from electrical problems and heating or cooling losses may be identified. Please watch this included video to learn more about Infrared Thermal Imaging.

Consumer's Guide to Infrared Thermography

InterNACHI's John McKenna explains to consumers and agents the advantages of hiring an Infrared Certified® Inspector.


"Inspected Once, Inspected Right!"®



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"Standard Inspections"

Homes up to 2,000 sq. ft. $295.00

Homes 2,001-3,000 sq. ft. $395.00

Homes 3,001-4,000 sq. ft. $495.00

Homes 4,001-5,000 sq. ft. $595.00

Homes 5,001-6,000 sq. ft. $695.00

Homes 6,001-7,500 sq. ft. $795.00

Homes 7,501-10,000 sq. ft. $950.00

Please Request a Quote for Homes Larger Than 10,000 sq. ft.



* Ancillary Services *

*Radon Testing


*Sewer Scope Inspection


*Mold Inspections

Complete Mold Inspection $495.00

Limited Mold Inspection $345.00



Mold Inspections Pricing

"Stand Alone"

Complete Mold Inspection: $695.00

Limited Mold Inspection: $445.00


Please Request a Quote for Homes Larger Than 10,000 sq. ft.

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